Fluorescence Quenching and Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer. We will come back to that type of analysis in another chapter. Bufadienolides do not respond to this test. Fluorescence quenching of (dimethylamino)naphthalene dyes Badan and Prodan by tryptophan in cytochromes P450 and micelles. Binding of TNS to α1-acid glycoprotein induces a decrease in the fluorescence intensity if the Trp residues of the protein. Time-profiles of the fluorescence at 475 nm upon excitation at 400 nm of Pe, PeCN, PeOH and PeMe in DMA monitored by fluorescence upconversion and best triexponential fits. Since oxygen diffusion in proteins is anisotropic and does not take one precise path, entry and exit rate constants should be considered as mean values of the different paths that oxygen molecules take to enter and to exit from the protein. The order of quenching efficiency is G

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