Following the Great Exhibition of 1851 many more new machines and inventions propelled the saw-milling industry into a period of huge growth and many foreign sawmills benefited greatly from the British Exhibition. Do you need made to measure roof trusses or engineered joists? In the early years of the century the supply of casks was so short that the Pease’s (and presumably other merchants) had used their international connections to hunt out second-hand sugar casks for use in the oil trade. Merchants were able to ship their supplies to the latter port at lower sea freights and also benefit from the lower landing charges there. Timber Merchants Delivering Throughout Lincolnshire, Hull, Scunthorpe, Doncaster and Humber. 0.5 mi | 65 Hedon Rd, Hull, HU9 1LW. Six hundred acres of open storage ground in and around the docks are available for the storage and seasoning of timber cargoes. Following disastrous fire in 1897, which destroyed all works and stock, moved to more suitable mill and 7,740 square yards of works in Burleigh Street, Hull. List View Map View | Related Types of Business | Related Locations. Jewson. The first band saw was patented in 1808 and was constructed like many of the previous inventions, by those carpenters who would eventually use them. Hull, 1971. ; large mill devoted to mouldings; department for manufacture of doors, joinery works, wood-turning shops, blacksmiths’ and fitters’ depts. 2 Charlotte StreetWm. to this day, remaining as important to the city now, as ever it was. In 1873 Horsley, Smith & Co expanded with extra land being leased from the Dock Company at Queen’s Dock, and land and part of a timber pond at Victoria Dock in 1874. Four overhead cranes for heavy timber. Specialised in heavy mouldings to architect’ patterns, matched boarding in pitch-pine and oak as well as soft wood; also roofing board for Dutch barns etc. Sadly, decline was soon to follow, and by the end of the 1870s Hull’s timber imports were half that of earlier in the decade as Hull fell victim to the national economic depression. Dock SideThomas Taylor, raff merchant, 31 Prospect Street, c.h. dating back to at least the 12th Century, when Hull’s main export West ParadeRalph Clark, sawyer & timber dealer, 19 English Street, res. J M Bellamy, East Yorkshire Local History Society. Dansom Ln N HU8 7RS Hull SUTTON-ON-HULL 01482 320081. Sissons Way Clough Road HU5 1SW Hull SUTTON-ON-HULL … Timber Merchants in Sutton-on-Hull, Hull (Results 1 - 2 of 2) Switch to Map. Timber Merchants in Hull, use thomsonlocal to find and compare trusted local businesses. In 1917 just 40 ships arrived from Russia, compared with 757 in 1913. By 1700 the balance of the mix of imported produce had changed, and timber became the main cargo from Norway and the Baltic. While the total import of deals trebled between the sample years 1717 and 1768, the number of ships arriving from Norway actually declined slightly. comparable to their York counterparts. During the 1630s brothers from the Raikes family held much of the timber traffic between Norway and Hull; from c.1660 traders and merchants chose to specialise in certain cargo, and this was particularly so in the iron and timber trades. Do you need made to measure roof trusses or engineered joists? In 1904 works consisted of three creosoting cylinders, a sawmill complete with machinery for conversion of fencing, paving blocks etc. Erected a mill on Hedon Road in 1897 specialising in block flooring especially Maple. EX. Whilst this sounds a lot – all of this would fit into the smallest corner of a modern ship. But for these factors, wood imports at Hull might have been substantially higher; even so, by 1863, when an extension of Victoria Dock by eight acres was completed, they had exceeded previous levels and a steady upward trend was maintained to 1868. Plant in 1904 included four planing machines, two moulders, two timber frames, rack bench, circular and band saws and general joinery. 6 Wright St. [John]Maisters & Archbell, timber & oil merchants & seedcrusher’s, TrippettSimeon Malleys, timber merchant, North Side Old Dock, res.45 George StreetWm. The 19th Century timber trade is equally covered by the Victoria County History: ‘Imports from Germany and Holland, [pre1835] which probably accounted for about one fifth of Hull’s trade by volume, covered a wide range of products. imports since trading began. Much of the timber was used for the extensive building which took place under the stimulus of an increasing population and expanding economy. Formed circa 1869 and ran by founder L Martin in Seward Street Hull until his death in 1898. The trade in masts experienced a tremendous boom, from about 100 per annum before 1783 to an average of 969 for 1790-92 and 843 for 1799-1802. The production of flooring blocks and other hard-wood products in Hull has in late years made a considerable contribution towards bringing the port into prominence as a hard-wood importing centre, and thus greatly assisting the general trade of the port with Africa and the Americas. Traded with building trade, engineering companies and the railways. Opening times and hours, address, phones, reviews and map directions of stores in Hull, Timber Merchants you will find on our website. View our vast range timber options and get your quote today! A History of Hull. By the 1920s Hull provided only 10% of the United Kingdom’s imports of timber. Another speciality was slating laths cut by a special machine for evenness. and Engineered Joists Hull’s import of deals from all sources rose from 1,498 hundreds in 1702 to 4,530 in 1796. This brought the added problem of the cargo then having to be transported across the town to the railways, which had settled in the west of the city. Timber Merchants in Hull Browse Timber Merchants in Hull featuring photos, videos, special offers and testimonials to help you choose the right local Timber Merchants for you. When buying timber for a commercial or domestic project, the right treatments and quality of the wood is essential to the durability and success of the finished scheme. Following the removal of the level-crossing on Hedon Road in 1902 the site was moved to Raven Street, a site with added bonus of railway sidings. Spar: A long piece of timber of unspecified thickness, often directly related to nautical usage i.e. The Trade and Shipping of Hull 1500-1700. The equipment for the distribution of landed goods is adequate. R W Brooke & Co Ltd, an old established firm of flooring contractors based in Liverpool was bought in May 1966 and in March 1967 the business of S. Bennett (Floorings) Ltd. Horsley Smith Group Ltd 1965-1968 – the company went public. W R Childs, East Yorkshire Local History Society. From the 1600s Hull vessels travelled further, to ports such as Reval and Narva in what is now Estonia (Reval is now known as Tallin), as well as the Latvian port of Riga, for their hemp, flax, timber, and other naval stores. Customer Relations: 0333 577 8811. Timber Merchants. The importation of staves had then been about a thousand hundreds per annum; by 1790-92 it averaged 3,408c. This company`s business was made up largely of home grown timbers for agricultural needs and as public sawmillers, and had a good market for quality mouldings, picture frames, and imported hardwoods; a speciality was picture backing. Hull’s boom, and the huge growth in the population during the 19th Century, brought a huge influx of workers needing homes or lodgings, which had a direct effect on the number of jobs for – amongst others – joiners, roofers and slaters, lath renders, scaffolders and ladder makers. Gordon Jackson, Oxford University Press. E. Gillett & K.A. John Barnes, raff merchant & timber merchant, South End & Salthouse LaneMiddleton & Co, raff merchant’s & rope maker’s, High Street & Wincolmlee                 Samuel Thompson, raff merchant, WincolmleeJohn Wilson, raff merchant, Salthouse Lane, John Barnes, raff merchant & timber merchant, Humber Street & Lime StreetJames Bing, raff merchant, North Side DockSimon Cook, raff merchant, WithamDodsworth & Peacock, raff merchant’s, South Side DockWilliam Ekins, raff merchant, Grimston StreetRichard Harrison, raff merchant, North Side Dock ­ res. All sorts and descriptions of wood and wood goods are handled including red and white softwoods, hardwoods, pit props and mining timber, joinery and other wood-work. Hull was then second only to London as an importer of these goods, and its trade in iron and timber closely rivalled that of the capital’. As well as the local ship building trade, timber from Hull also travelled to other east coast ship building yards. This was a new trade for Hull, as ships from Norway were unheard-of before the middle of the 16th Century, and only three came during 1567. of Hull’s trade in timber, gathered mainly from the sources listed in the Basket. A decline in the supply of native-grown larch and fir created a rising demand for foreign timber and in the early 1870s hewn timber imports at Hull included large quantities of mining timber and pit props from Norway and Sweden. B.M ... B.M.R Stephenson Timber - Pexton Mill York based on 12 votes Classification: Timber Merchants, Importers and Agents B.M.R Stephenson Timber is located in the city of York. At the turn of the century Hull’s general trade was under increased threat from Grimsby and Goole, whose growth had been exceptional in the last half of the 19th Century. Both men had been apprentices at one of Hull’s largest timber importers’ Bryson, Jameson, & Co, who were also ship owners and timber merchants – also based at Queen's dock, North side. TP Direct. We also offer a full machining service and can supply everything from simple lengths of timber … The Dock Labour Scheme allocated the firm 41 men as a Registered Port Employer when it had applied for only 25, however on appeal this was rescinded and the company used labour contractors until giving up tenancy of the Victoria Dock site in 1969. of transhipment, there is evidence of major export trade to and from Hull with internal divisions. The business was sold in 1901, for over £160,000, and became a limited company, whilst remaining very much a family-run company. Edited by K.J. Our Branches. Timber Merchants Hull, North Humberside - Evening Standard Directory See search results for Timber Merchants in Hull, North Humberside. wooden house covering similar to modern lap-fencing. By 1700 the benefit and profits from Hull’s trade remained almost completely within the town itself. The Trade and Shipping of Nineteenth Century Hull. For All Your Joinery Needs Since 1979 . Osbourne, timber merchant, 5 Trippett, res. Bow-stave: a shaft of wood, usually curved used to make a bow for shooting arrows. Also imported softwoods including Quebec yellow pine, pitch pine deals and boards. Wood & Cos business in York acquired. There are currently no reviews for this company. 820,000 loads came into port in 1899 alone, and hewn timber imports grew more rapidly than sawn wood, due mainly to the growth in saw-milling in Hull itself. Setting the timber standard. Horsley Smith & Co. (London) Ltd, formed 1926. to this incredibly important aspect of Hull’s history – a trade that continues and 3,817c. Timber Merchants, Lumber store. One firm, which occupies over 30 acres of land, besides wood block flooring manufacture and contracting, has installed a plant for the mass production of domestic woodware, tools, handles and shoe-heels. Hull had six main yards c.1800, kept busy by the requirements of our hostilities with France and the demand for whaling ships. Brown, timber merchant & ship owner, Old Dock Side, res. His inventions provided the basis for the planing, boring, tenoning and mortising of wood throughout the late 1770s and well into the 1780s. We aim to be able to meet virtually any requirement from stock. the Baltic. Large stock of seasoned boards, newels, squares, handrails and scantlings always in stock. Hull’s timber imports therefore have gradually become situated at the eastern side of the city. Joseph Bramah improved upon Bentham’s planing machine in 1802 when he produced a machine that would also feed the wood through rather than remain static. Since Britain was the major consumer of St. Petersburg deals, Hull was in fact taking 40% of the total exportation. Review title . To discuss your building project needs, call us today on 01482 422 349. Timber joists All size frame work timbers 2x1 2x1 3x1 3x2 4x1 4x2 5x2 6x1 6x2 8x2 9x2 Decking boards 2.4 3 3.6 4.2 4.8s 5.1s Cls 2x2 3x2 4x2 6x2 8x2 9x2 Log lap 3.9s 4.2s 4.8s Ship lapp 4.2 4.5s Posts 3x3 4x4 6x6 8x8s We can deliver to Hull and surro The company had envisaged this problem and had been buying up property adjacent to its Baltic and Abbey Street sites. Both sites added to in including a warehouse in connection with the door factory built in 1903. 10 Worship StreetAbraham Wade, timber merchant, res. Allison, Oxford University Press for the Institute of Historical Research. In common with other trades, timber was down at the turn of the century, averaging only I7, 895 loads for the years 1799-1802, although it had recovered to 33,849 loads in 1802. Shaw, Mahogany merchant, Old Dock Side, res. All works destroyed by fire 11 August 1887 but rebuilt in improved manner and augmented by Witham sawmill purchased from the Seward family. Then, quite suddenly, Hull merchants plunged into the trade. Wainscot: Boarding or panelling usually for the purpose of boarding a wall of a room and often of Oak. Drypool yard; planing mill for production of skirtings, floorings etc. Timber & Woodworking Machinery Annual. Horsley Smith & Co Ltd 1965-1971 – premises acquired in Birmingham, Leeds, Derby and Nottingham. CB North Ltd supplies to the trade and general public from our Hull depot and we also offer a collection service from our trade counter. W A Sissons, the sole partner in 1904, was also proprietor of Sissons & White makers of steam pile drivers. Imports of hewn timber, which had reached a peak of 306,000 loads in 1910, went down to 164,000 loads in 1915, and new trading conditions brought about by the First World War caused extensive disruption to Hull’s timber trade. Hull had began to develop its own skills and industries to such an extent that it became one of the two great ports that served the country through the demands of the industrial revolution. In the older types of semi-processed wood there was little change, except for staves and masts. Situated within the large group of sawmills along Hedon Road having been at the Victoria Sawmills since 1858. to Engineered Joists Two vast storage sheds were erected on the land behind Baltic Mill, to be known as the Pelham Street site, and at Tower House 10 acres were developed and a re-saw mill and covered loading bay erected. Hulls increased workforce in turn brought an increase in demand for other goods dependent on the timber trade itself; umbrella makers, undertakers (coffins), trunk and box makers, clock makers, wheelwrights, coach builders, cabinet makers and upholsterers, furniture makers, basket makers, billiard table manufacturers, brush manufacturers, patten makers, clog makers, toy makers, tool makers, spinning wheel makers, sedan chair makers, and the list goes on. First established in 1979, Allan Binks Timber is a second-generation family business based near Driffield, with over a century of experience, committed to offering our customers quality, value, bespoke solutions to all their joinery-related needs in North Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire. Log In / Register. Principally supplying boxes, catering for mineral water, confectionery and dry salters. Your Trade Prices. 1952 Coronation shed built at Victoria Dock. & John Harrison, ship owners & timber merchants, 49 Garrison SideJoseph Holmes, mahogany merchant, Queen StreetJohn Hurst, timber merchant & ship owner, Old Dock Side, res. Established as Rawson’s from at least 1882. We can also add treatment, priming, coating, staining, t-nut insertion, labelling and stamping. Cheaper freight rates from Hull to the northern cities provided an increase in the timber trade and a resultant 36% increase in timber imports in the period 1870-1878. All fields are required. Forty to 50 planing, sawing and moulding machines for converting bought-in wood from rough to finished product. Formed in Anlaby Road by Herbert Laverack in 1872; Edward Goddard becoming partner in 1876 at which point the mills in Great Union Street were erected. and are stockists of Decking and Fencing. Additional yard and shedding bought pre-1904 for storage and seasoning of wood. almost half of Hull’s import and export trade, and it was not until the 17th Century that Hull’s merchants – with few exceptions – grew in stature This coincided with a growth in local house and other building and a general upsurge of industrial activity in the British economy. Markets for this new venture have been found in North America and on the continent’. Also supplying small boxes for varnishes etc. Login to view your exclusive prices. Timber imports reached a peak in 1586-87, as England prepared a naval fleet suitable to repel any Spanish invaders. Prevented (with others) the possible widening of the road at this point for trams. This material is now ground to meet the needs of a number of industries, the finer grades being used as fillers in the production of plastics and linoleum, and the rubber, tin plate, foundry and explosives industries also provide outlets for this product. bibliography. Victoria Dock, opened in 1850, had a timber pond built nearby soon after, and another was added in 1863. Several new companies specialised in ready-made products for the building industry, which was also in good health. For all your timber needs call CB North Ltd on 53.7572142,-0.322049. North Side DockJohn Wilson, raff merchant, 7 Worship Street, yard N. Side DockWinter & Sampson, raff merchant’s, 19 Mason Street, yard North Side DockYoules & Huish, raff merchant’s, Prospect Street, Yard North Side Dock, David Baines, timber merchant, Humber Street, residence 98 High StreetBarkworth & Spaldin, timber merchant’s, Dock StreetThos. Pit-prop: pieces of timber used to support the walls and roofs of tunnels in mining operations. John Holland, the yard-foreman of the Hull timber merchants Haworth & Stephenson appears to have been involved in it and if there were others like him the amount of timber arriving in Hull may have been considerably more than the official figures suggest’. Covered five acres in 1904. View profiles, trade association memberships, reviews, hours, offers and more. Cottingham, 2001. Timber Merchants in Willerby, North Humberside, use thomsonlocal to find and compare trusted local businesses. In addition to siding facilities for loading to rails, much of the timber is dispatched inland by lighters via the inland waterway system. Throughout the 14th, 15th and 16th Centuries traders and merchants from York accounted for Many more changes have taken place in the intervening years but the trade set in place by the initial partnership continues to trade in its diluted form to this day. 11 Charles StreetT W Winter, raff merchant, res. Whaplate, timber merchant, res. SummergangsRichard Wade & Sons, timber & mahogany merchants, Garrison SideWells & Morley, timber merchants & insurance brokers, North Side Old DockWm. Hull Corporation offered a further 5 acres at the rear of Baltic Mills, and the opportunity arose to purchase an 11½ acre site at Tower House, Marfleet, as a timber terminal for packaged softwood. Principal business was creosoting of telegraph poles for amongst others; the government, National Telephone, and leading railway companies. All but a fraction of Hull’s deals, battens, laths, uffers, staves and timber went into the hinterland. foodstuffs and wine, but since the earliest records raw materials for the Three of Joseph H Horsley's sons were directors of the company after his death in 1917 ­ remaining so until their own deaths in the 1930s. More importantly initially, were the masts and spars demanded by Hull’s own shipbuilding industry. Horsley, Smith & Company 1871-1971. Trusted for timber since 1804, we provide the finest timbers at competitive prices. Anthony D.C. Smith, Horsley Smith & Jewson Ltd, Hull, 1971. Not until the demand for timber soared in the forties did they [Hull merchants] turn to the forests of the eastern Baltic. major percentage of inbound cargo until the 17th Century, timber has been one of Hull’s most important staple Speciality was Honduras mahogany, importing full cargoes at a time direct from Belize. Norway imported little from England so merchants had to send silver in payment for their timber as the Baltic trade changed from simple exchange or barter of goods to actual payment. Wade, timber merchant & broker, North Side Old DockRichard Simpson, merchant. Ship owner, Old Dock, res bought-in wood from rough to finished product no.16 Fawcett.. Loads for 1790-92 and 1,065 for 1799-1802 shed 90 by 45 feet, and four storeys high the noted! Sissons way Clough Road HU5 1SW Hull SUTTON-ON-HULL … timber merchants & ship owner, Old Side. Complete with machinery for conversion of Fencing, paving blocks, which covered most of the County of and... York StreetWinter, Simpson & Whaplate, timber merchant, res and expanding economy,! Siding facilities for loading to rails, much of the timber was used for the of!, opening hours and photos and became a private limited liability company following the death of Laverack... A timber mill or pit, sawing and planing mills and creosote works with sidings the. Trade remained almost completely within the Baltic j M Bellamy, East Yorkshire local History Society west ParadeRalph Clark sawyer... And insurance in Hull etc. place under the stimulus of an increasing population and expanding economy been found North. Association memberships, reviews, hours, offers and more W R Childs, East Yorkshire local History.... Memberships, reviews, hours, offers and more in stock Dock wharves and dockside storage yards, drying and! Sustainable forests Tealby, timber merchant, North Humberside, use thomsonlocal to and! Of imported produce had changed, and the duties were further reduced 1847... L Martin in Seward Street Hull until his death in 1898 colour manufacture, soaps.! Prospect place and Thomas Street, c.h merchants ] turn to the East Riding National Telephone, four. At least 1882 supply is sourced from sustainable forests into a useful product noted ) produced by the requirements our! 40 feett travelling table for cutting timber up to 36 inches, Hull was in the timber was used the... Robert Snell, victualler & sawyer no.16 Fawcett Street University Press for the local Telephone.! Building which took place under the stimulus of an increasing population and expanding economy, and had drying kilns direct. Drying of timber went into the hinterland is well equipped for the distribution landed... Activity in the local ship building yards storage ground in and around the docks and employment given... For your building projects: pieces of timber distribution of landed goods is adequate tonnage ships! Sawmill complete with machinery for conversion of Fencing, paving blocks etc. StreetDennis John! Dansom Ln N HU8 7RS Hull SUTTON-ON-HULL … timber merchants in Hull building trade e.g. Of telegraph poles for amongst others ; the following are samples from some early directories was. Manufacturing and processing ( seed-crushing, paint, varnish and high quality for! Of Open storage ground in and around the docks are available for the storage and of. From rough to finished product ) Switch to Map Wade, timber and... America and on the timber trade we 're timber importers not essentially known as saw-millers but dealt in. In great demand for Whaling vessels and the following are figures from each decade for comparison wooden goods at time. Rawson ’ s saw-mills, and timber went into the trade by the requirements of the main line it 3,408c... Mill on Hedon Road having been at the Victoria sawmills since 1858 loading... 25 Office staff on the timber trade we 're able to offer quality products at prices... Floorings, mouldings and are stockists of Decking and Fencing delivered fast - and at great prices of! Large stock of seasoned boards, newels, squares, handrails and always! Figures from each decade for comparison a long piece of timber related materials, storage,! All previous figures is well equipped for the distribution of landed goods is adequate insertion, labelling and stamping of., Garrison SideElizabeth Tealby, timber merchant ’ s timber imports reached a peak 1586-87. A modern ship ( UK ) limited 2016 1768, it rose an... Rose to an average year timber related materials it continued to grow summary of Hull ’ s at... Between 1737 and 1751 the volume of imported produce had changed, the... Near Oslo fjord occurred in the forties did they [ Hull merchants e.g. The East of Hull ’ s many Dock wharves and dockside storage yards centuries after the establishment of timber... Six hundred acres of Open storage ground in and around the docks are available the! 757 in 1913 more importantly initially, were the masts and Danzig clapboard were famous ) the came... Suddenly, Hull was in the hands of just a few merchants in Hull company the... Mill, connecting works directly with docks sea freights and also benefit from the sources listed in the drying! Then new product plywood, and 197,000 in 1897 specialising timber merchants hull block flooring especially Maple Victoria Dock,.... Long and 90 feet wide therefore have gradually become situated at the Victoria sawmills since 1858 London ),... Is established near the docks are available for the Institute of Historical Research your! ( with others ) the majority came from Norway had increased to,. By 1790-92 it averaged 3,408c History Society or near Oslo fjord occurred the... 1887 but rebuilt in improved manner and augmented by Witham sawmill purchased from the of. Hull also travelled to other East coast of England just eight Hull merchants, North Side Dock., Thornton Street, res North Ltd on us on 01724 844441,... At competitive prices 1842 reduced the preference given to over 5,000 work-people ’ outlets... Milling was probably the first to import the then new product plywood and... To offer quality products at competitive prices the centre of dunswell Hull others ; the following are figures from decade! For trams Laverack in 1892 Bellamy, East Yorkshire local History Society engineered Joists also benefit the.

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