An environmental cleanup project at 600 Rio Street is underway preparing this historical site for future redevelopment. The project will continue through the fall 2017 and redevelopment plans will be studied, in coordination with the City of Red Bluff, upon cleanup completion.

A manufactured gas plant operated at the site from 1874 to 1947 to provide gas for the lighting, heating and cooking needs for Red Bluff residents. PG&E purchased the property in 1919 and is voluntarily cleaning up the property and removing contaminated soil (approximately 11,800 cubic yards or 800 truckloads). All work is overseen by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), and Tehama County Air Pollution Control District (Air District), and the City of Red Bluff.

A historical photo of the operating MGP.

PG&E has completed excavation work at the site. A small work crew of roughly ten workers will begin on-site treatment of deeper soil (roughly 11,400 cubic yards) by mixing the soil with cement to stabilize it in-place. Three to five trucks may enter the site per hour during the peak of operations. All trucks will be inspected and tarped when hauling material prior to leaving the site. Flaggers will help control the traffic flow in a safe manner and air, dust and noise monitoring will be on-going. Upon completion, the riverside property will be ready for redevelopment.

Additional information is available at PG&E’s toll-free response line at (866) 247-0581 or by email at [email protected].