Legal Documents – Top 3 Things to Remember With Your Red Bluff Property Transfers

1) The Longer you wait to fix the problem, the harder and more costly it may be to resolve

If you’ve been informed by the Tehama County courthouse that there is an issue with your Red Bluff property transfers, if lot line adjustments or mergers were done to your property, or a name was spelled incorrectly; correct it now!! The longer an issue stays unresolved, the harder and more costly it may be to make the necessary corrections later.


2)    Beware of incomplete or missing tax forms along with your property transfers.

Every year new forms are being added to ensure that property taxes are being assessed correctly; fines and penalties of improper Red Bluff property transfer tax can cripple a homeowner!


3)   Save Time with Pre-Made Tehama County Property Transfer Forms

If you decide that you are one of those do-it-yourselfers for your Red Bluff property transfers, we have pre-made forms for your convenience. No need to slow down the recording process or result in your deed later being rejected by the Assessor’s Office; let us help you!


Business Connections in has successfully been handling property transfers for over 35 years in Red Bluff, Tehama County.

We are Legal Document Preparers and are well-equipped to provide professional and accurate property transfer documents to meet your needs. Please visit our office at 332 Pine Street, Red Bluff, CA, 530/527-6229. We are always here to help.